Quentin Fiore

Graphic Designer,
Collaborator with Marshall Mcluhan, Buckminster Fuller and Jerome Agel.


mcluhan prophecy said...

Do you think Fiore's work enhanced McLuhan's (or Fuller's)and curiously most read the book title as Message and not Massage

Jesse Brown said...

i like the story about the printer sending the first proof with the type error of -Message to Massage and Mcluhan still going forward with the printing.
To me, the impact of Fiore's visual work is as important (maybe more for me personally as a designer) as the written content.

mcluhan prophecy said...

McLuhan worked with Harley Parker who designed Counterblast (and a few other books) using typography based on Wyndham Lewis' work Blast. Lewis had to bribe a type setter with booze to layout the text in new ways (it was in the 20's)
McLuhan didn't like Fiore and Angel and turned down doing another book after War and Peace in the Global Village.

camella said...

I have this book. Love. First edition is AMAZING. I know someone who has it and she let me touch it once.