David Hockney

I love the line drawings.


cairo said...

did you know that for the most part, for portraits, he used mirrors and projectors to get a 'live' projection of subject on the wall, which he would literally just trace. his lines are amazing. they are not just from looking. he traced the forms, he ingeniously came up with the set up and the product .. . albeit, he is, if not THE, favorite artist of mine - but to know that he used mirrors and projections to trace, and not just drawing the lines from sight and trusting his natural brain/perceptual precision, is actually quite comforting. he is a genius. and yet, I love that his isn't superhuman. if you know what i mean....eh?

cairo said...

obviously many typos, but it would not be written by me if there weren't atleast a few. XO

Jesse Brown said...

your right, for some reason it is comforting to know.
i'm surprised we have never talked about him.

cairo said...

yes. he is one of my favorites. his colors and lines. I grew up on a good diet of david hockney in so cal if you know what I mean and I think you do. You were missed last night!