Stephen Eichhorn in Seattle

My very good friend from Chicago is in Seattle this week for a solo show at Cairo.
The opening reception is this friday....you must go!

his work is brilliant and he's a truly radical dude.
you should buy him a beer and some sour patch kids. ok, here's information about the show....

"Chicago-based artist Stephen Eichhorn creates delicate hand cut paper collages from reproductions of foliage - palm fronds, grasses, leaves and flowers. Mining a variety of sources including National Geographic magazines and the dead stock of 70's and 80's wall coverings, he composes works that mimic the natural world, and yet seem almost outside reality. Eichhorn's work formally transcribes the simplest elements of the pastoral onto a conceptual framework, generating a visual language exclusive to its own world, one rooted in anthropology and humans quest to understand and recreate architecture found in nature. The final product eerily retains a sense of its origins.

House Plants will be on display in the Cairo gallery space through October. Exhibition to include a window installation with fellow Chicago Artist, Cody Hudson. "


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