New Video

Here is a music video I worked on recently for an Elvis Perkins song.
helped built some sets and made the stop-motion people and birds for this.
hope you enjoy.

Elvis Perkins in Dearland - Chains, Chains, Chains
From the album Elvis Perkins in Dearland

Director - Sean Pecknold
AD - Tristan Seniuk
Miniature DP - Michael Ragen
Set design & construction - Jesse Brown, Sean, Tristan
Characters - Jesse Brown
2d artist - Chris Alderson
Lion sculptures- Sean Pecknold
Live action DP - David Griffiths
Live action Producer - Paul Schneider
LA PA - Jeni Steiner
Mastering - Lightpress
Commisioner - Phil Lee
Label - XL Recordings
Thanks - Paul Maupoux (hope your arm is healed!), Jack Strain, Toby Liebowitz