A while back I posted something about a beautiful little book titled
The Incredible Journey That is Consciousness
Those same fine folks have made a follow up book which is a tribute to the De Stijl Movement.
I recommend buying it now, I understand the edition is pretty limited.

A book by Alex Fuller and Gabe Usadel

“the sameness,” as originally named by lois lowry, suggests a social balance through the rules of order and structure. all of life's pain and spontaneity disappear through a rigid architecture of overwhelming conformity.

our version of “the sameness” suggests a similar new world order using modernist art and design fundamentals (following in the footsteps of such legendary influences as the bauhaus and de stijl), but rather than striving to eradicate imperfections we seek to celebrate variety and interpretation through common elements of line and color.

inspired by the design theories and practices of piet mondrian, el lissitzky, theo van doesburg and mark rothko our goal is to continue exploring the range and depth of creative expression through the intersection of art and science.


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