Tenue de Nîmes

Elandsgracht 60
1016 TX Amsterdam
+3120 3204012

Nîmes (France) is the place where denim has its origin. The French city is situated in the southern part of the Provence, near Marseille. In the seventeenth century a fabric  called ‘Serge de Nîmes’ was developed here. It was a mix of wool and silk. The term 'denim' has its roots in this fabric but has evolved to pure cotton in the United States. It is derived from its geographical origin just like any other textile from that period in time. For years denim was a solid, hardly wearable fabric, ideal for heavy duty performance.

Besides the origin of denim, Nîmes has been a legendary city for its exquisite fabrics and patterns. Inspiration for these special products came from the beautiful landscape in the area's arround the city. In the eighteenth century Nîmes became famous for its silk shawls which were, thanks to a new rail road, worn all over Europe. For Tenue de Nîmes the paradox between the rawness of denim and the elegance of silk and patterns became the basic principle of the store.

Tenue de Nîmes is a concept that has pureness as fundamental idea. We simply love fabrics like cotton, wool and silk. In the shop this is visualized by using stone, wood, leather and steel in the interior.

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