Wary Meyers Shop

Creative husband and wife duo Wary Meyers Decorative Arts
have setup an online shop selling, well it's hard to explain.
Here's what they have to say-

"As we collect things we always envision them in our house somewhere, for instance the 1960's grocery store posters all framed in our giant kitchen, or the Japanese Obi unfurled down the middle our farm table, set with Danish candleholders. But in reality our normal-sized kitchen is already packed with old Le Creuset and graphic design posters, which we like just as much, and the dining room has a Saarinen set, French fabric on the walls and an old chandelier, and we're not quite sure we want to change it just yet, or even when we move.

In other words, we have too much stuff, and not enough space or time to use it, no matter how much we'd love to. (and we've only scratched the surface...)

So why not open a shop?! This will enable us to keep buying things we like while simultaneously making people happy that they can have that vintage Pompidou Center poster, or an old L.L. Bean leather wine carrier to bring to a housewarming party."

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