The D.O.C.

"The kid with the golden voice"
I was driving around with my brother over the weekend listening to this album, he and my oldest brother put me on to this record almost 20 years ago. I'd never heard anything like it, there was a feeling that the D.O.C. was gonna be THE dude, like bigger than N.W.A. at that time. Hearing it this weekend proved that it still holds up without a doubt and is sort of a bummer at the same time, his debut album "No One Can Do It Better" was released in 1989 and just a year later he was in a car accident that severely damaged his vocal cords. He made a record years later that was just sad, other than that he's ghost written for N.W.A. and Dr. Dre, who produced the entire 1st album.
I try not to rant on here, but this record just needs to be heard.

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