I'll be showing some new paper sculpture works in this show, if you are in Australia you can go have a look.


 Introducing the highly anticipated A4 Paper Festival - an event unique to Sydney, Australia and solely dedicated to the uses of print and paper. It will offer audiences insight in contemporary developments with paper, by means of groundbreaking exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

Presented by The Paper Convention, a collective dedicated to the documentation of paper expressionism, the festival will showcase the most extraordinary creations crafted from paper; from small objects & figures, large-scale installations, handcrafted creations, self-published zines, three-dimensional graphic sculptures made by the designers/artists from different disciplines including design, print, graphic design, illustration, fashion, sculpture and animation.
A4 will showcase 12 Australian & International paper-artists, consisting of a mix of big names and debut work ready to bust onto the scene;

Yoshinobu Miyamoto (JAP), 
Hattie Newman (UK), 
Benja Harney (AUS), 
Jesse Brown (US), 
Emma van Leest (AUS), 
Anna Gleeson (HK) 
Trial+Error (AUS), 
Matthew Roland Bannister (AUS), 
Bianca Chang (AUS). 
More paper artist are to be confirmed soon. There will also be animation by Benjamin Ducroz (AUS).

Hosted from 31 May to 5 June at The Paper Mill & with elements of the event to be held at Sydney ‘spotlights’, including Object Gallery, Surry Hills & The University of Sydney (Design + Architecture building); this week-long festival will highlight the diverse creative applications of paper and attempt to influence public perception of how we utilise paper in its everyday form. We will engage the community to contribute to an installation themed ‘public intervention’.

The festival is curated by designer and allround paper lover Lisa Loxley, founder of the Paper Convention Collective, known designer of lox+savvy paper goods and now, founder and curator of A4.


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