Public Domaine

Public Domaine : Skateboard Culture - Teaser from La Gaîté Lyrique on Vimeo.

Public Domaine is an upcoming skateboard culture event/exhibition in Paris featuring the work of a varied and prestigious list of artists, musicians, filmmakers and photographers. Located at La Gaité lyrique in central Paris, Public Domaine will run from June 18th to August 7th. More details here.

On 18 June La Gaite Lyrique gallery in Paris will be kicking off their special month-long series of skateboard inspired events. From the look of things, the jam-packed schedule will cover all the artistic spheres that skateboarding (or skateboarders) have inspired - from music to graphics and fashion to cinema - giving a "voice to those who have forged themselves uncommon lives after being touched by the skateboard."

Musical guests-

Tommy Guerrero + McRad + Ray Barbee & Mattson 2 + Dj Juan Love aka John Cardiel


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