Naomi Punk Video

The Fader premiered the video we made for Naomi Punk today.

A collaboration with Robin Stein & Margaret Jones. the big homies.

Naomi Punk - Burned Body
From the record "The Feeling"
available from Couple Skate Records

Video by Robin Stein, Margaret Jones & Jesse Brown

Directed, Photographed & Editing: Robin Stein
Stylist & Choreographer: Margaret Jones
Animation Advisor: Jesse Brown

Collage & Paper-cut Animation: Margaret Jones, Jesse Brown, Robin Stein

Shot on location at Land Management - landmngmnt.tumblr.com

originaldocuments.net [Robin Stein]
[Margaret Jones]
[Jesse Brown]

Special Thanks to Scott Richardson, James David Scheall, Ian Judd, Land Management, Theresa Crim, Strath Shepard.

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