Truly excited for this show,  I've know Jay forever and his work constantly evolves into something I respect and admire, one of the most prolific artists in Seattle, yet possibly the most unknown.

The show opens tonight, he'll probably still be hanging it when you get there.

Friday - September 21st, 2012 @ 8pm 

For the Opening Reception of  OH JAY 

A collection of mixed media works by Jay Clark aka FANKULT 

Exhibit runs through Sept 21 - Oct 18th 

Located at 
4542 University Way NE 
Seattle, WA 98105

"Jay Clark, American asshole and artist. That guy you hate to love. His opinions are endless and he likes the sound of his own voice. He'll never back down and will often speak (or shout) over you and everyone else simply to prove his point. You may feel compelled to sock him in the face in a blinding fit of rage, but you don't. As ridiculous as he might sound, he may be saying something worth paying attention to. " 

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